About IML

Our philosophy and belief

“ IML is meant to be personal. You walk with it, you can sleep in it, you breathe it…

No matter how many jeans you buy, you want to wear that favourite one and we do whatever it takes to ensure that you have perfect jeans for every occasion. It is an investment into improving your comfort while it is a privilege for us to create a work which is only meant always for one special person. “  Aditya

Each IML denim is made using the best from around the world. Our fabrics are the best of the best mills while each trim is meticulously attached while giving an understated persona. That is the true essence of bespoke, made for me, by me. With every pattern which is handmade and handcut, each and every nuance is captured to add the utmost comfort. Using the strongest core spun threads available from German thread makers, each denim is sewn into a true well-formed handcrafted product. To enhance the longevity and overall quality, we use only the finest sewing machines from Japan.

Denim is a unique fabric in that any garment made from it typically has to undergo an entire washing process. It requires an indepth understanding of how yarn, fabric and trims would behave under conditions of heat and pressure alongside catalysts which create a character. Our treatments are designed by Aditya alongside partners from Italy, the UK and India which add that extra something to each piece.

The whole process of making a fully bespoke jeans is upwards of two weeks and dozens of skilled man hours. More than 5 hands touch each denim in the making process while numerous quality control parameters have to be constantly looked into. It is truly a designed and engineered product. Each pair comes with a lifetime warranty on sewing and trims.

At It's My Life Jeans Co., each pair of jeans are made exactly as per your preferences. Choose from a range of fabrics and trims and engage with our stylists to get that perfect fit. To ensure the perfect fitting, a mid-fit is done with the final jeans delivered to your doorstep. 

You can reach us directly or visit our partner stores across the National Capital, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and even outside in the UK and Russia. 

It's My Life Jeans Company, Estd. 2012

Established in 2012, IML's legacy comes from over 20 years in the jeans finishing industry. With a team of over 20 skilled 'denim' people, we take pride in designing the best jeans in the country (if not the world) and hence each order for us means just that.

We love our jeans and the best pairs are those which we want to wear again. At IML, we wish to deliver that perfect jeans each time.


Aditya Singhal - Founder & CEO, IML Jeans Co.

Aditya always had a bit of problem with buying clothes, especially jeans. They were mostly too short and never in the wash or finish that he wanted them in. And if one wanted good quality jeans in India, the options were limited.

With his engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, US, Aditya reworked the jeans production method and fit analytics for bespoke so that we could deliver that perfect piece to the customer. With an MBA from ESADE, Spain and with industry experience at Reebok, Avensa Chemicals and Technopak Advisors, he was able to set up the brand which symbolizes premium casual-wear made the way the customer wants.

He loves design and is passionate about writing, history, philosophy and engineering. The amalgamation of this is the genesis of the IML design ethos. The company won the 'TIE - Spirit of Manufacturing' Award in 2014 and Aditya was a CNBC 'Young Turk' in the same year. 

Designing A Range

IML design takes the latest trends in Europe, North America and Japan to design a range which is contemporary and chic. Each piece in the collection is chosen from a dozen other designs. 

Understanding 'Your' Fit & Style

After measuring over a 1000 men and women, IML understands fit really well. We don't just work with dress forms but with live models so that each and every aspect can be looked into with 'your' perspective. Using the latest trends from the worlds most advanced trend mapping tools, we are able to make designs which can complement your wardrobe each time our stylist comes over. 

"The Best Jeans Always Fits Well, Makes You Look Good And Shows Your Personality Through And Through"  IML 


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