Denim Care

Make Your Jeans last Forever

  • Jeans are typically made of cotton, elastic fibres such as Elastane, Spandex or Lycra™, polyester, linen and in rare cases even wool or silk. Caring for your jeans starts with knowing what the composition is and so do check the labels.

  • Do not wash your jeans in a washing machine after just a single wear.

  • Washing machines use tremendous heat, rotating force, large amounts of detergents and more. This causes a lot of damage to jeans (and to other garments). The fibres tear, fading increases, softness decreases, fit becomes limp while the residual life goes down by years. Wear the jeans at least few times before considering washing them.

  • The best way to clean jeans is to soak them in cold water with light amount of detergent for half hour or so. Hang them out to dry afterwards. This is also more "PLANET FRIENDLY".

  • If there is a specific spot which needs to get rid of them, do spot cleaning. Don’t put the jeans in the washing machine just because it has a ketchup or wine stain.

  • Machine wash only if your jeans have started becoming very dirty. 

  • When machine washing jeans, use the cold wash cycle and rinse thereafter. Do not dry them in the dryer as heat destroys cotton and elastic fibres. If your jeans have polyester then a dryer will burn it and the jeans will shine a bit.

  • Raw denim should be soaked only. There is a chance that it might shrink in the washing machine and fade extra fast (loss of the dye). Wash the denim only if you really, really, really need to.